Pat Fiske and Catherine Scott

Paradigm Pictures Pty. Ltd. has been making films since 1999. The company’s goal is to make documentaries that shift and challenge the way people see the world. Films are about controversial social issues with a strong emphasis on characters at the core of the story. In 2000, Paradigm Pictures completed the award winning two-part series called Business Behind Bars Part 1: USA & Part 2: Australia about the private prison industry in the USA and Australia in 2000.  The international version of episode one, Profits of Punishment, has sold internationally in over 12 countries.  Selling Sickness was the company’s next project and was an international co-production with SBS TV, CBC Canada and France 2. It was aired on TV channels internationally and viewed at both festivals and community screenings around the world. Scarlet Road is the company’s third project with Catherine Scott and Pat Fiske working together.